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Research & Consulting



Our energy consulting practice is diversified, covering evaluation, measurement, economics and program analysis including: non-energy benefits, measure retention, greenhouse gas reductions, program evaluation , and forecasting and modeling.                                        

Solid Waste & Recycling


SERA examines a wide range of options – both traditional and innovative – to develop practical solid waste management systems.   We have experience and ready information on programs / policies, collection and processing, demographics, tonnages, cost, rates, funding, outreach, and more.    

PAYT (Pay-As-You-Throw)


Dr. Skumatz is the international authority on Pay As You Throw (PAYT), an incentive-based strategy for increasing recycling.  SERA's PAYT work includes feasibility, design, outreach, implementation, rates, and toolkits for communities. 

Social / Behavioral Marketing


SERA has designed, conducted, and/or evaluated behavioral programs in the solid waste and energy fields for residential programs all across the nation, as well as military, school, and commercial programs. The work involves evaluations with quasi experimental design and detailed tracking of impacts, costs and persistence of effects.   

Non-Energy Benefits


SERA is the leading firm nationally in the area of  non-energy benefits (NEBs) developing methods of measuring hard to measure benefits, and quantifying important utility, societal, and participant benefits from programs. SERA's ‘NEB-It” model is literally the “state-of-the-art” model and allows us to model and quantify NEBs for a wide variety of residential, low income, and commercial programs.                

NEWS /Speaking Engagements


Our  2019 Presentations 

ECEEE - June 3-8 - France

PROP - July 24-25 - Pennsyl

CRRA - Aug 13-14 - Palm Springs

IEPEC - Aug 20-22 - Denver

Resource Recycling  - Aug 26 - NOLA

Nahmma/Haz Wste Sept 15-20 Denver

CO SWANA - Oct - Co Springs

RAM - MI - Oct

BECC - Nov 17 - 20 - Sacramento

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Current SERA Projects

Nashville SW Comp Plan

 SERA is leading on program and policy development, costing and TBL and public engagement for this project. Check back, we'll announce when the report is made public. 

KAB Public Space Recycling

For Keep America Beautiful, SERA is documenting baseline public space trash and recycling streams and developing best practices to help communities successfully run these types of programs. 

 The report is now on their website -

SW & Recycling Rate Study

SERA has performed Island County, WA solid waste and septage rate studies for the last 3 periods using our in-house rate model. We are in the process of updating these studies for the current period and including revenue requirement and cost allocation for curbside recycling as well. 

PAYT Study

For a large, NE City, SERA is developing a framework for implementing PAYT.  This involves program research, case studies, cost and  impact modeling, as well as public engagement.

NEBs / Cost-Effectiveness Testimony

Dr. Skumatz is preparing to provide testimony. Look back for details

NE County Trash & Recycling

SERA is providing efficiency modeling for trash and recycling and MRF cost effectiveness for a large NE County.

About Us


Our team

Our staff includes economists and analysts with experience in evaluation, surveys and statistics, quantitative research, and policy analysis. 

  • Dr. Lisa Skumatz- Principal / President
  • Gary Horton- Senior Associated Consultant
  • Dana D'Souza- Senior Analyst / Project Manager
  • Michael Santulli-Sustainability Analyst / LEED (Green Associate)


What We Do

Skumatz Economic Research Associates, Inc. (SERA) is a research and consulting firm specializing in economic, policy, and  evaluation analysis for solid waste and energy clients.   We specialize in helping clients develop effective programs and strategies – and we use our expertise in integrated planning, evaluation, and economics to improve program  performance and cost-effectiveness.   (SERA) works in program design and evaluation in recycling / solid waste integrated materials management, energy efficiency, and sustainability.    SERA has a reputation for quantitative, data-based research, and for developing creative approaches to find practical (and affordable) methods to quantify complex or hard-to-measure impacts. We have evaluated single programs, as well as entire utility portfolios.                   


History and WBE Certifications

SERA was established in 1990 by Dr. Lisa Skumatz and incorporated in the State of Washington as an S-Corp in 1995 and still maintains an office on Orcas Island. The main office is now in Boulder Colorado and is now powered by solar energy.  SERA has a  nationwide client base including utilities, municipalities, counties, authorities, and state and  federal agencies.  The firm has conducted more than 330 energy and over 200 recycling/solid waste project assignments in the US and internationally, and has published extensively on our project research. SERA is 100% woman owned and has WBE certifications in WA, OR, NY, NYC, CA, and Nationally with WBENC.                                                   

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