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Social Marketing Consulting

SERA has extensive experience in designing, implementing, evaluating, and improving existing outreach and education campaigns aimed at changing behaviors. Dr. Skumatz recently authored a white paper for the California PUC documenting the best practices in measuring the impacts of behavior change and SERA is currently conducting a project measuring the impacts of social marketing. We specialize in targeting audiences, identifying the motivations and messages that are most effective, and using tools such as normative behaviors and recognition to dramatically change target behaviors. SERA looks at social marketing as another tool in the shed that can help programs to succeed.

To learn more about our social marketing qualifications and experience please contact us at any time.


Our Consulting Services....

Recycling / Pay as You Throw / Solid Waste
SERA has extensive experience balancing solid waste management and environmental needs with short and long term economic considerations.

Energy Consulting
SERA’s energy consulting practice is diversified, covering evaluation, measurement, economics and program analysis.

Non Energy Benefits / Impacts
SERA is the leading firm nationally in the area of non-energy benefits (NEBs).

 Sustainability / Environmental
 SERA has nationwide experience in sustainability topics.
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